Telephone Systems (** VDV program class)

Instructor: Rodney Bearden
Room Number: VDV-Lab

Course Description: The telephone, born in America over one hundred years ago, has become the magic link by which a person can communicate with people across a street, across a city, or across a continent. It accepts the sounds of the human voice, transforms them into signals we cannot see or hear and speeds them along the wires or through space to another telephone. Over the years, the technology has advanced this primary means of communicating. This class begins with a basic understanding of the telephone system and its circuitry. It will then begin to explore the various types of signals used to transmit data. Since Electronic Key Systems (EKS) are used in many of today’s small businesses, an installer and technician should recognize the origin of these systems. Students will identify the transition from individual telephones to electromechanical key systems to the application of electronic key systems. These systems have combined new technologies for call processing and features that are still in use today.

Lessons Include:

  • Introduction to Telephone circuitry
  • Basic Telephone Wiring
  • Analog Signals vs. Digital Signals
  • Electronic Key Systems Overview
  • PBX Telephone Systems
  • EKS/PBX Troubleshooting Practices

Book Fee: $40.00