Paging Systems (** VDV program class)

Instructor: Rodney Bearden
Room Number: VDV-Lab

Course Description: Paging systems, background music and PA systems are around us almost everywhere we go. This class is intended to provide a basic understanding of these systems, their fundamental components and how these systems work, and then explore some of the specific application of these systems. It begins with lessons on understanding the components associated with distributed sound systems/paging systems and their functions. Next, it will explain the differences between a constant voltage system and a self-amplified system. Single-zone and multi-zone paging systems will also be explored. One of the prime considerations in any sound system design is an efficient power transfer between the amplifier and the associated speakers. There is a lesson designed to explain the two power transfer methods, their advantages and disadvantages. Other topics discussed in this class are designing and layouts, sound masking systems and a concluding lesson devoted to applying the information learned into a practical design.

Lessons Include:

  • Introduction to Distributed Sound Systems/Paging Systems
  • Mixers, Amplifiers and Interface Devices
  • Speakers, Horns and Installation Techniques
  • The NEC and Distributed Sound Systems
  • Sound Masking Systems

Book Fee: $30.00