Nurse Call Systems (** VDV program class)

Instructor: Rodney Bearden
Room Number: VDV-Lab

Course Description: TToday’s Healthcare Market offers many types of Nurse Call Systems that vary in capabilities. The level of care required by patients in the facility or nursing unit generally determines the appropriate type of system. The basic intent of all Nurse Call Systems is to provide patients and residents with the ability to notify staff if assistance is needed without having to leave their bed, room, or dwelling. This can be accomplished by simply providing a pull cord or push button next to the bed which, when activated, provides both audible and visual notification to the staff. There are several organizations that provide direction and guidelines for the hospital segment of the Healthcare Marketplace. This class will explore the fundamentals of Nurse Call Systems and their components. It will also discuss how to plan for and install the wiring for an EZ Care Nurse Call System.

Lessons Include:

  • Nurse Call Fundamentals
  • Ancillary Systems
  • Nurse Call System Design and Planning
  • Future Expansion Considerations.

Book Fee: $45.00