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A Partnership between the BEJATC and The University of Alabama

 Guiding Principles

  • College level learning can take place in all facets of one’s career, including applied activity such as apprenticeship training
  • College level learning takes place in flexible formats, and is based upon the learner’s individual schedule and inter-ests.
  • Choosing an applied technical career CAN also lead to a baccalaureate degree

Supporting Strategies

  • The BEJATC training curriculum has been evaluated and recognized as providing college level learning by the American Council on Education (ACE). The University of Alabama New College LifeTrack program accepts and applies ACE recommendations in the degree up to 45 semester hours. Students in the BEJATC program can be dually enrolled with UA and credits earned at the BEJATC can be applied to the UA degree. The BEJATC credits will be applied toward the students “depth of study” and UA course work will focus on general education and core curriculum requirements.
  • UA will coordinate with the BEJATC to offer courses and opportunities that compliment the career path of stu-dents in the program. Options may include project management , construction management, conflict resolution, study of current economic trends and issues, small business management, etc.
  • The University of Alabama offers flexible means for individuals to work towards the degree. Students may begin taking core curriculum courses as early as their junior year in high school through UA Early College. While in the UA degree program, students can take courses through a variety of formats, including online, weekend campus courses, self directed learning contracts, or transfer courses to UA from a local community college.
  • Students determine their own pace of study. As some may opt to take many classes in addition to the BEJATC training; others may choose a more methodical approach. It is all up to the individual.
  • The UA partnership will enable students to maximize their studies and develop a plan for a baccalaureate degree that recognizes BEJATC credits while building a student-centered curriculum. The pathway is not an “either/or” proposition, but one that values and applies the technical experiences in an interdisciplinary program of study


Application Process

BEJATC has a unique process for finding and vetting potential candidates.

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