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What does an IBEW/NECA electrical worker do?

The first day on any new job is exciting, yet often it is stressful and filled with anxiety about what is expected. Electrical Prep has courses designed specifically to provide you with a better understanding of what the requirements are for entering the program, as well as discuss the type of work performed and the various environments. It will also highlight the benefits of becoming a unionized worker and the process by which someone enters the apprenticeship training program.

Application Preparation

Application Preparation

Come better prepared

There is a lot more to becoming an IBEW/NECA electrical worker than just showing up for work. Basic mathematical and reading comprehension skills are essential to qualify for the apprenticeship. Electrical Prep offers a refresher course to review the key mathematical skills associated with the trade and sharpen your knowledge. In addition, there are courses designed to test and assist with your reading comprehension ability. All courses are designed to better prepare you for the entrance into a challenging career in the electrical construction industry.

Easily Accessible Online

Each of these courses is voluntary and easily accessible online at They are designed to be self-taught and completed at your own pace from the convenience of your computer. Choose from the list of offered courses and begin your preparation for the application process for on of the most rewarding careers in the construction industry. Take the initiative to learn as much as you can about the industry that you are about to apply for so that you can be ready to display with confidence the skills necessary to enter and succeed in the IBEW/NECA electrical apprenticeship program.

Some courses offered are:

Mathematics Refresher Course

  • Whole numbers and fractions
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals
  • Integers and rational numbers
  • Solving algebraic expressions
  • Ratios, rates and proportions

Reading Comprehension

  • Current comprehension diagnosis
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting details
  • Paragraph organization
  • Reading strategies

Success in the workplace

  • Absenteeism
  • Image on the Job
  • Time is Money – Productivity
  • Personal Behavior and Conduct

Interview Course

  • The interview structure
  • Showing that you know the qualities of an excellent electrician
  • Using the “situation-action-result” format to answer interview questions most effectively
  • Tips and resources to prepare for the interview

Application Preparation

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