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The Birmingham Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (BEJATC) is a non-profit training organization dedicated to providing the electrical / telecommunications industry with the most highly trained workforce available.

This is done through the time-tested method of apprenticeship. Apprenticeship provides the opportunity for someone with little or no knowledge or experience to gain a thorough understanding of their chosen career. The combination of instructor guided theoretical training in the classroom, hands-on lab work, and structured on-the-job training, provides a powerful framework within which the student not only learns, but also earns competitive wages and gains critical, practical job experience.

With this program, you will never have to face the job interview in which the interviewer says, '...yes, your resume looks good, but do you have any experience?'. Not only will you have an excellent education, but you will already have the experience as well!

Started in 1945, the BEJATC has trained thousands of electrical professionals who have gone on to light up the Birmingham area and the nation as electrical technicians, supervisory personnel, project managers, estimators, engineers, contractors, training directors and more. Our main office is located on East Lake Blvd. near Coca Cola bottling.

The training is intense, and demanding, but if you are motivated and determined to achieve a higher level of knowledge and ability, you should consider our program. Now is a great time to apply!



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